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Hello and welcome to

Dubai British School Jumeira

a community school nestled in the heart of Al Wasl

Lee Hole

School Principal

As the Founding Principal at Dubai British School Jumeira, I feel extremely privileged and excited, about the community we are building. I have spent almost twenty years in education, teaching and leading across all key stages and across different curricula. I have benefited from the experiences I have had in educational leadership, in the UK, UAE and Cambodia, the last decade being as a Principal. The contextual, cultural and educational learning, that has been possible from working with excellent teachers and educational leaders in outstanding schools, will be invaluable as I serve the DBS Jumeira community.

DBS Jumeira’s aim to empower students to reach for their potential aligns beautifully with my own commitment to the young people that I serve in schools.

I believe that every child has the ability to achieve great things when they find the right school environment and are nurtured to achieve their best.

I look forward to working with students, partnering with families and supporting other educators as we create this environment at DBS Jumeira.

Throughout my career, I have always found the interplay of human connections to be at the core of successful schools. At DBS Jumeira we see the relationships amongst our community as critical to the success of our young people.

The teacher to student relationship is often one that has a lasting impact and is almost always the key to unlocking a child’s true potential.

The partnership between a school and the families in the school community cannot be underestimated and I have always committed time and energy into the building of collaborative, trusting relationships with parent that choose to be part of this community.

One of the most exciting aspects of leading schools is the development of a learning community.

DBS Jumeira is a place in which we embrace the inclusivity and complexities of the modern classroom and use every opportunity to enhance learning for every child in our care.

At Dubai British School Jumeira we believe that every member of our community should ENJOY, ASPIRE and ACHIEVE.

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Mary Donnelly

Head of Primary School

I am delighted to introduce myself as Dubai British School Jumeira's new Head of Primary. My educational journey began with training as a primary school teacher at the University of Brighton, followed by a teaching career in West Sussex with a focus on Key Stage 2.

After which the educational hub that is UAE is known for drew me to explore a career in intentional education. I join DBSJ after seven years in the UAE, as a senior leader and primary school headteacher. With a passion for lifelong learning, my educational qualifications include; a BA Hons in Primary Education with QTS, a Masters in Educational Leadership and Management, and ongoing pursuit of the National Professional Qualification for Headship.

Beyond my professional life, I am a dedicated sportswoman with a background in competitive swimming, athletics, triathlon, and a love for football. As a perpetual learner, I am always engaged in reading, particularly in areas surrounding relevant educational research. My vision encompasses fostering a culture of kindness, compassion, reflectiveness, and innovation, challenging the status quo to establish a student-centered approach to delivering the English National Curriculum. As I continue my journey in education at DBS Jumeira, my passion for creating a positive and transformative learning environment remains at the forefront, driving my commitment to excellence and innovation.

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Nikki Holman

Head of Admissions, UK Curriculum Schools

My name is Nikki and I’m the Head of Admissions for the Dubai British Schools Group, I have been with the group since January 2022 having previously lived in Singapore for 9 years where I was the Head of Admissions for Dulwich College (Singapore). I have two daughters aged 4 and 3 and understand how important it is finding the perfect school for your children. I am on hand to help you as you start this journey to DBS Jumeira and can’t wait to meet you and your children.​

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Janelle Nuyts

Admissions Manager

My name is Janelle, and I am delighted to introduce myself as the Admissions Manager at Dubai British School Jumeira. I serve as your first point of contact for any inquiries related to our school.
Originally hailing from Belgium, I resided in Shanghai for a decade before relocating to Dubai with my Australian husband and our dog in January 2023. With a wealth of experience in admissions over the years, I recognise the significance of selecting the right school for your children. I am delighted to assist you with any queries you may have about our school, the admissions procedure, or life in Dubai.

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Our campus offers a variety of
global standard facilities

At Dubai British School Jumeira, we have a

fantastic team of highly qualified
UK curriculum teachers

who are passionate about providing the best
education for our students.

We believe in creating a

warm and welcoming

that fosters a strong sense of
community, encouraging our students
to always rise to the occasion and reach
their full potential.

Enjoy, Aspire, Achieve

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Our Fees

Year groups​ Term 1 Term 2 Term 3 Founding Fees for families
joining in August 2024
KHDA Approved
Rising 3s AED 17,160 AED 12,870 AED 12,870 AED 42,900​ AED 43,500
FS1 - FS2 AED 17,160 AED 12,870 AED 12,870 AED 42,900​ AED 51,477
Year 1 - Year 2 AED 17,160 AED 12,870 AED 12,870 AED 42,900​ AED 51,477
Year 3 - Year 6 AED 19,640 AED 14,730 AED 14,730 AED 49,100​ AED 58,836
*Year 7- Year 9 - AED 69,872
*Year 10 - Year 11 - AED 69,872
*Year 12 - Year 13 - AED 77,217

Founding fees are reserved exclusively for students who enrol from Rising 3s to Year 6 for the academic year 2024-2025 and are guaranteed for the entire Primary stage.
*These year groups will be added in future academic years.



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